European payment system project comes to fruition

The project had been on track for several months. In 2018, the European Central Bank (ECB) wanted a European payment standard to be created, to have an alternative against the American giants Visa and Mastercard and the new Chinese players who are gaining ground. → READ. Banks working on a European payment system Thursday July […]

Dax & dates in the daily stock exchange report

Düsseldorf The Dax started the new stock market half year with losses, but the leading German index is expected to be more friendly again on Thursday morning. On off-exchange trading platforms, the Frankfurt stock exchange barometer is around 0.8 percent up. The corona crisis in the USA is returning with full force: In the US […]

Pound is about to crash again

London The Corona crisis has one good thing from the perspective of many Britons: it has pushed Brexit off the agenda. Since the UK left the EU in late January, the issue has become quiet. The future trade relationship with the EU is not yet regulated, and the “no deal” threatens again at the end […]

Dax closes clearly in the plus

On Wednesday morning, waning hopes of a fast vaccine in the corona pandemic had weighed on the stock market barometer. The US online portal Stat News, which specializes in the health sector, had been critical of the Vaccine candidates of the biotech group Moderna against the lung disease Covid-19 reports. The interim results presented would […]

Investment experts anticipate further setbacks in the markets

Frankfurt The stock market rally almost seemed surreal last week. On the one hand, economists expect the worst recession since the Second World War, companies in Germany have registered potential short-time work for a third of their employees and massively cut their profit forecasts for the current year. On the other hand, several leading indices […]

Societe Generale tightened austerity measures due to loss of millions

Societe Generale The major French bank is increasing its bad loan provisions. (Photo: Reuters) Paris The French major bank Societe Generale (SocGen) tightened its austerity measures after a loss in the first quarter. Higher provisions for bad loans and trade losses resulted in a net loss of 326 million euros, after a profit of 686 […]

The most important question is still unclear after the EU summit

Rome For Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the EU summit was “an important step in the history of Europe”. An instrument like the agreed reconstruction plan had previously been unthinkable, it would help people to be more solid, coordinated and more efficient in the crisis, Conte said in a video message specially recorded after the four-hour […]

Singapore oil scandal hits European banks

Bangkok Lim Oon Kuin worked on his raw material empire for more than half a century, which made him one of the most important oil traders in Singapore. Given the crash in the oil markets, a few weeks were enough to bring his company down. What remains are investigations by Singapore’s law enforcement officers and […]

China: Beijing wants to convince the world of the V-boom

C.hina is now a major power. This affects not only economic and military strength. Above all, it applies to public relations and propaganda. If Germany supports Italy in the Corona crisis, it happens discretely and without much fuss. When China sends a few doctors to Lombardy, dozens of cameras are there. But Beijing is even […]

Why investors are struggling for new corporate bonds in the crisis

Companies that have a good credit rating and an investment grade rating as a seal of quality can benefit from new bond issues. The professional investors are fighting for these bonds because they do not see any corona-related problems. In March, corporations placed new bonds for just over 48 billion euros in euros alone. That […]