Accident of the head of Mons: his blood test shows 3 g of alcohol in the blood

Jean-Hubert Nicolay, head of the Mons-Quévy police force, was the victim of a road accident. The only one involved, the Mons policeman, who was traveling in his company vehicle but who was not on duty, rolled over several times. **** ** **** ** ***** ** ********* **** **** ** ****** ** ******** ******* ******* *** […]

Pregnant, Nabilla recounts her weight gain

The star shares the details of her daily life with her followers. Instagram screenshot By the editor Published on 02/26/2022 at 14:24Reading time: 2 mins To the delight of her subscribers, Nabilla continues to share her daily life on social networks, even though she is pregnant with her second child. At the beginning of February […]

Volkswagen Touareg 3.0 TFSI Plug-In-Hybrid R

For those who are lovers of numbers, heaven itself on the Volkswagen Touareg R paper. It has data that embarrasses sports cars, it knows more in torque than in a Lamborghini Huraca, and the 5.1-second acceleration sounds dizzy from a car this big. But there’s another side of Bruce Banner, the green giant, who really […]