Test: Get an electric shock with a Ford Kuga

It turned out that the all-new Ford Kuga crossover not only looks like some Porsche models, but that the model is becoming the most electrified in the history of the multinational brand. In addition to our familiar and time-tested diesel and petrol variants, the modern SUV (there are also variants with a real 4×4) will … Read more

Lufthansa is considering giving up its largest passenger aircraft

German airline Lufthansa plans to abandon its largest passenger aircraft PHOTO: Pixabay German airline Lufthansa plans to abandon its largest passenger planes as it deepens its fleet downsizing, creating opportunities for further job cuts, Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with the matter, Bulgaria On Air reported. . Lufthansa is considering giving up the two-story Airbus … Read more

Kaufland offers on the market a dyed home textile with 0% water from the Bulgarian manufacturer Aglika

The products are made entirely of Bulgarian raw materials, with confirmed quality, created by Watersave technology without the use of a liter of water in order to protect the water resource in our country. Kaufland pilots the first home textiles on the Bulgarian market, made by a revolutionary method with 0% water. The innovation is … Read more

What impact does it have on the world that Hagia Sophia becomes a mosque again? – More Regions – International

Hagia Sophia is an ancient and emblematic temple It was a place of worship for Orthodox Christians and Muslims at different times in history. Built about 1,500 years ago, it was originally an Orthodox basilica that sheltered for nine centuries the religious heart of the old Byzantine Empire. Then in 1453, when the Ottoman sultan … Read more