launch of the first innovative solar energy laboratory

The University of Mauritius launched its first innovative solar energy lab with Huawei yesterday. Yatindra Ramgolam, Associate professor in Electrical & Electronic Engineering at UOM, expressed the institution’s commitment to sustainable development, thus achieving the government’s goal by 2030. This event which concerns the electrical engineering and engineering department electricity took place in the presence […]

Everything you need to know about orbital solar power plants

In space, neither sunrise nor sunset, no day-night intermittence, no clouds, ideal for capturing solar energy… Research on solar orbital stations is not new and scientists are working there with optimism in order to meet the increase in our energy needs and the major challenges of the climate emergency. The concept is compelling‚Ķin theory only; […]

Clay tiles that produce solar energy? They already exist

Tiles made from a clay-like compound allow you to hide solar panels without interfering with energy production. If there is a source of clean energy that has grown in recent times, it is solar.. With more and more people wanting to install solar panels in their homes, more companies seek to create aesthetic solutions that […]

Blue Origin has succeeded in making solar panels with lunar dust!

Soon, humans will return to the Moon and settle there permanently. The production of constant energy to supply future lunar habitats is one of the key points of the conquest of space. On this point, the company Blue Origin stands out by succeeding in manufacturing solar cells from equivalent substitutes of lunar regolith without carbon […]