They kill him to steal his cell phone in Soledad 2000

During the early hours of yesterday they murdered a 20-year-old young man, in the middle of a robbery, on 41st Street with 11C Carrera, Soledad 2000 neighborhood, in the municipality of Soledad. This is Daniel David Viloria Velásquez, who was on a public road, in the company of other people, when two subjects arrived on […]

Unknown facets of Ricardo Ciciliano’s first steps in football

I met Ricardo Ciciliano in 1990, in the children’s Atlantic team directed by Carlos Bolívar. He played for the School on 24 de Soledad. From the Atlantic Team (national champion, in 1992, with Javier Castell) she went on to the Colombian pre-youth team (South American champion in the coffee region), directed by Basilico González. So […]

The phase of greater individual responsibility begins

T he stage of selective isolation with responsible individual distancing began at 00:00 this Tuesday. This means that there are new sectors that can reopen their doors, after prior authorization from the Mayor’s Office. Although the peak and ID no longer apply, there are restrictions for parties and social events. “The economic reopening does not […]

Summit by classes: Nation will review expanded protocol of the City

Faced with this impediment, the City undertook to present a protocol again but with the corrections that were indicated by the Ad hoc Commission of the national portfolio last Wednesday. From the entity belonging to the Government of the City of Buenos Aires it was argued that the prevailing desire is to “go find” the […]

HUN joins clinical trial for vaccine against Covid-19

The Hospital Universidad del Norte, located in the municipality of Soledad, was endorsed by the National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (Invima) to participate in the clinical trial for the third phase of the Covid-19 vaccine, which is developed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals. The health institution, which is located in the municipality of Soledad, is […]

OPINION | The best way to take care of mental health during the pandemic

5 keys to take care of your mental health during the pandemic 2:56 Editor’s Note: Vivek H. Murthy served as United States Chief Medical Officer for Health and is the author of the New York Times bestseller “Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World.” Alice T. Chen is an internal […]

Rescued abandoned baby in a stream in Soledad

Several residents of the Cachimbero neighborhood in Soledad heard the cry of a baby around seven in the morning yesterday. They hastily searched for him, but did not find him, so it was when they decided to notify the police to help with the search. Two patrolmen followed the sound of crying to the bottom […]

Due to the expansion of ICUs, more health personnel are required

In Colombia there are already 1,842 health professionals who have been infected with COVID-19. Of those, 1,591 have been recovered and 232 remain in isolation, according to figures from the National Institute of Health. In the Atlantic, 65 Health professionals have tested positive for the new coronavirus for reasons associated with the service. Likewise, in […]