Off Side: See today Solidarity Income 160,000 pesos: how I collect through the DPS,

As of July 31, the fourth installment of the Solidarity Income of 160,000 pesos, amount given to the families most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. If you have not received the payment for the month or you have problems collecting it, the information will be of support. So far, the Government, chaired by President Iván […]

A Solidarity Gala to fight against the coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has hit Spain and the world hard, but it has also shown the most caring side of all citizens. There have been many initiatives that have been launched to try to alleviate the effects that Covid-19 has caused worldwide and also in Spain. The last of these initiatives is #ELGRANRETOSOLIDARIO, in which […]

The Prado Museum shows its most caring face

ABC Updated:04/29/2020 01:40 save Related news The Prado Museum goes out of its way to help mitigate the crisis caused by coronavirus. As the institution has stated in a statement, employees who cannot provide an active service for the museum (due to their in-person activity) will go to help the State Public Employment Service (SEPE). […]

Solidarity photographs to stand up to the coronavirus

David MoránFOLLOW Barcelona Updated:04/29/2020 01:41 p.m. save Following the example of # 100FotografiperBergamo, solidarity initiative that managed to raise € 726,000 in ten days for the Hospital of Bergamo (Italy), photographers Jordi Pizarro and Eloisa d’Orsi have promoted #fotoscontralacovid, a charity campaign that places 150 photographers of Spain and Latin America facing the pandemic. Without […]

serve omelette on a paddle “shovel”

ABC Motor Madrid Updated:04/21/2020 16:50 save Related news Paquito Navarro, brand ambassador Kia, through its Marcos-Valgauto Motor Groups Alicante Dealer and current number 1 in the world paddle ranking, has proposed to its followers to carry out a action to help those affected by the Covid-19 through the social network Instagram, through which Kia will […]

The first solidarity macro-concert held from home

· Available in: Social networks and internet platforms. It bears a great resemblance to those solidarity mega-concerts that started at London’s Wembley Stadium with the two days of the ‘Live Aid’ organized by Bob Geldof, in 1985, to help Africa. But now it’s time to do it from home, although the main figures poster remains. […]