This is how the actress’s twins look

Victoria Ruffo is one of the most talented and beloved actresses in our country. Telenovelas like “La madrastra”, “Corona de lágrimas”, “Triunfo del amor”, among others, have had her as the protagonist. As for his public life, Victoria Ruffo He was in a relationship with Eugenio Derbez, and together they had José Eduardo. Then, in […]

the details of the millionaire link

Tiffany Trump (29 years old), daughter of the former president of the United States. Donald Trump (76), has married this past Saturday, November 12, 2022, with her new husband, the businessman of Lebanese origin Michael Boulos. Few details are known, at the moment, of the airtight linkheld at the residence that Donald Trump has in […]

What things alter a pregnancy test?

What things alter a pregnancy test? Many women have resorted to pregnancy tests to ‘find out doubts’ when the period is late or after having a moment of passion without any protection. Although the tests are believed to be 100% effective, the reality is that they could fail and give false negatives or false positives. […]