Kaaris presents “Goulag”, Booba clashes him while Gims supports him

The enemies of Booba are mobilizing … Kaaris who has just been in the news for a problem with young people from Cannes preferred not to comment on the situation, letting one of the members of his entourage do it for him. Since the cancellation of the octagon with Booba, he has concentrated on his […]

This is what you do every day to lose weight

Whatever your weight loss goal, the beginning is probably the most daunting of the process. Basically, because of prevailing doubts about whether you are doing it right or perhaps the physical results appreciable slow to appear. Although at the time of the truth the only three things that are missing could well be summed up […]

How many minutes of exercise we need to do to burn fat? This says the science

When someone wants to lose weight, usually tries to collect all the information possible so that the drop in kilos is very effective: drinking a lot of water, combine strength exercises with cardio to gain muscle mass or do small meals are some of the examples that usually come up. All for getting to the […]