Shares can fall another 20 percent

Investors who believe the stock market has priced in a recession after the recent stock market crash must think again. Analysts Mike Wilson of Morgan Stanley and Nick Colas of Datatrek warn that the S&P 500 index may fall another 20 percent if there is an economic downturn, as many indicators suggest. “At current pricing, […]

Index – Economy – Several major US corporations are already in recession

According to analysts, there may be nine large companies in the U.S. S&P 500 stock market index that may have been hit by the recession. What they have in common is that their profits are expected to decline in the second quarter of this year as well. Retail chains that include Amazon, Target, and Under […]

Investors are increasingly worried about inflation and the economy

President of the European Central Bank Legarde Frankfurt The central banks have a tighter grip on the capital markets than ever: the European Central Bank (ECB) has caused significant losses in equities and bonds since Thursday. ECB President Christine Lagarde had previously announced the first interest rate hike in eleven years in view of the […]

Index – Economy – Cola has never looked so good

Buy sugar, it will sweeten your life – the good advice could be there for two reasons now. In addition to the obvious report, we can now also mean that buying products at official prices is a saving compared to the market price of the products, so buying them is also a good investment. We […]

German Hamster Crypto Wallet Hitting the Market – Cryptoactives

Since June, a German hamster named Mr. Goxx has been running an independent wallet that trades cryptocurrencies. And it does it from its high-tech cage called the Goxx Box, as CNN Business tells us. Its portfolio covers a wide range of digital currencies, including tron, ethereum and bitcoin. Mr. Goxx trading sessions are streamed live […]