Spike Lee Releases New Short, “Love Letter” to New Yorkers

The American filmmaker Spike lee He released a new short with which he wanted to send “a love letter” to residents of New York, the US city. most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, which already registers more than 26,000 deaths. The piece, titled ‘New York, New York’, has as its soundtrack the song of the […]

Volker Ullrich: Chronicle of the last week of the Third Reich after Hitler’s death

Siegfried Unseld was one of the first to know. As a marine radio operator, the then twenty-year-old Suhrkamp publisher was one of the radio squads that transmitted messages from the naval commander-in-chief, Grand Admiral Dönitz, in the last few weeks of the war. Unseld’s radio station at Dönitz’s improvised headquarters in Plön in Holstein was […]

Instagram launches a feature that facilitates donations to NGOs to combat Covid-19

The social networkInstagramwill launch this Tuesday a new functionality that allowsdonationson Instagram Live to facilitate fundraising for NGOs that assist in efforts to combat the coronavirus crisis. “We have seen a significant increase in IG Live, so we hope this will allow more people to create and activate fundraisers.100% of all money raised goes directly […]

coloring your favorite models has a prize

YE. Madrid Updated:04/27/2020 01: 40h save Related news In these days of confinement and restrictions, the best time is spent with the little ones in the house. For this reason, Lexus Spain launches the “Lexus Colors” solidarity contest, so that children can enjoy together with their parents coloring your favorite Lexus. Participating is very easy, […]

Carglass makes material donations and launches a message of hope

ABC Motor Madrid Updated:04/26/2020 02: 07h save Related news In addition to making material donations, Carglass Spain wanted to help in these difficult moments by launching a message of hope: “We will repair this together.” The company has made an emotional video that reflects on the situation we are experiencing because of the Covid-19 and […]

They find the oldest spear in history, from 300,000 years ago

ABC Updated:04/21/2020 17:37 save The oldest hunting weapon found by man could be this curved spear from the Ice Age found in Northern Europe and which has been found thanks to the outstanding preservation of wooden artifacts in the water-saturated sediments by the lake. in Schöningen, lying in northern Germany where they found such an […]

Estopa launches the video ‘Corazon sin Salida’ recorded from home

The Muñoz brothers,Tow, They have released the video of their song ‘Corazón sin Salida’ recorded from home, the Sony Music label has reported in a statement this Friday. ‘Corazón sin exit’ is the new single from his latest album, ‘Fire‘, whose video they have recorded without having to leave their homes and in which all […]

iPhone SE: Apple launches a new version of its most affordable mobile

Manzanahas announced the Second generation iPhone SE, which follows the iconic design of its predecessors with thestart button, but that incorporatesthe A13 Bionic chipand a system ofsingle lens camerathat takes advantage of the advances of computational photography. IPhone SE presentsAerospace-grade glass and aluminum design with a black front. The glass-finished back has been manufactured using […]