Tenants and activists demand an eviction attorney

With banners and loud voices, a small group of tenants and activists accompanied Beverly Rivers to her eviction date in housing court in Brooklyn. Lesley Ann Jules, also faces an eviction order. “Many of the tenants have been living in the building for 20, 30, 40 years, many of them don’t know how to fight […]

Reactions to the project to create parking permits

Finding parking or parking in New York can be a headache for many, like Dionisio Blanco, a taxi driver with 40 years in the job. “In Washington Heights it is very difficult for you to find a parking space, anywhere, you look over there, wherever you look the park is zero. If you arrive in […]

Three years since a state of emergency by Covid-19 in NY

On March 12, it was three years since Bill de Blasio, the then mayor of New York, declared a state of emergency due to Covid 19. At that time, little was known about the coronavirus, although what was certain was that it was ending the lives of residents not only of New York but of […]

Marcela Guerrero, art curator at the Whitney Museum

Whitney Museum of Art Curator Marcela Guerrero talks about the importance of “There Is No Post-Hurricane World: Puerto Rican Art After Hurricane Maria”. An exhibition that together with the work of 20 Puerto Rican artists shows the history of Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria. Guerrero is the first curator of Latino and Puerto Rican art […]

Covid-19 could have emerged from a laboratory in China

COVID-19 probably arose from a Chinese laboratory, according to a report from the US Department of Energy According to the Wall Street Journal, an Energy Department assessment found that the spread of Covid was likely due to a mishap at a research institute. The Department of Energy joins the FBI in saying the virus likely […]

A police vehicle fatally runs over a woman

“She was my sister, and I loved her very much…” This is how heartbroken Joane Stoehr is, who says that the 52-year-old victim who was fatally struck by a New York police patrol Friday night in Far Rockaway, Queens, was her caregiver. “It’s not going to be easy, she’s like family, like a sister to […]

Exhibition celebrates 50 years of trend-setting hip-hop

To celebrate half a century of Hip Hop, The Museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology presents “Fresh, Fly, and Fabulous: Fifty Years of Hip-Hop Style,” one of the largest and most comprehensive exhibitions on this revolutionary and influential style. The birth of hip hop spread throughout the world and it was during the 1980s […]

Lawyers who give free legal assistance better salaries

Lawyers from the Legal Aid Society walked around Queens family court demanding a raise and better working conditions. Josephine Flores, a lawyer with more than 25 years of experience in family cases, is one of them. “The only thing we ask for is a salary that is at the same level as lawyers who work […]

COVID-19 vaccination will be optional for municipal employees

Vaccines against COVID-19 will be optional for city workers starting this Friday. Mayor Adams made the announcement this morning, saying that more than 96 percent of workers are currently fully vaccinated. The move comes after more than 1,700 former employees were fired for refusing to receive the vaccine. Although these workers will not be able […]

Subway line 7 closures for 6 weekends: MTA

The 7 subway line will experience significant closures for six consecutive weekends, beginning this Saturday, February 4, due to work to be carried out at the Queensboro Plaza station in Queens to install elevators, according to the MTA. The MTA will build two elevators at the Queensboro Plaza station, one at the station’s south entrance […]