Djokovic-Nadal, a final like no other

Novak Djokovic was reluctant to acknowledge it on Saturday after qualifying, but Sunday’s Roland Garros final against Rafael Nadal could be a turning point in tennis history between two of the three best players of all time. Challenges This final will be a marker for the endless debate over the best player of all time […]

Arbitration once again in the hot seat at the end of the Botola

Kiosk 360. Several clubs, including Raja and Wydad de Casablanca, have strongly criticized the refereeing of the twenty-eighth day of the Botola, once again questioning the impartiality of the referees two days before the end of the championship season . Several Botola clubs have contested alleged refereeing errors that marked the twenty-eighth day played this […]

20 Botola coaches sacked this season

Kiosk 360. Several Botola coaches have been dismissed by their respective clubs this season. The latest is the Tunisian Ahmed El Ajlani who has just separated from the OCK a few days before the end of the season. It’s a catastrophic year for national football. In addition to the shutdown of Botola for three months […]

once upon a time there were atlas lions

Kiosk 360. A worthy representative of the African continent, Morocco swayed the Mannschaft, lacked discernment against Peru, and won their first point in the World Cup against Bulgaria. Back on the saga of the Atlas Lions at the 1970 World Cup. In 1970, Morocco was the first country in decolonized Africa to compete in the […]