Champions: Government mandatory quarantine threatens the Champions League | Champions League 2019

FRANCISCO CABEZAS Barcelona Tuesday, 12 may 2020 – 23:16 The confinement to which travelers entering Spain will have to submit, in addition to border restrictions in other countries, make it difficult to conclude European tournaments. Exceptions may apply for athletes Manchester City’s stadium, the Etihad Stadium, in a Champions League match.PETER POWELLEFE Brussels.Reception of the […]

Champions: Fortunately Fernando did not return it to me | Champions League 2019

20 years of Old Trafford’s heelOpinion SAVIO BORTOLINI Updated Sunday, 19 April 2020 –01:46 The Brazilian Savio Bortolini, ‘assistant’ of Redondo in his famous move, reviews that night at Old Trafford, the season that ends with the Eighth and the figure of the Argentine player in Madrid. Ral receives congratulations from Savio and Redondo after […]