Distribution of 3,263 RI COVID-19 Cases September 21: East Java 316, DKI 106

Jakarta – Indonesia reported the addition of 3,263 new positive cases of COVID-19, Tuesday (21/9/2021). The current total active cases are 52,447 patients. East Java contributed the highest number of positive cases, namely 316 cases. Followed by North Sumatra with 315 cases, and West Java with 285 cases. Details of the development of the Corona […]

Corona RI on August 31 almost doubled, there were 10,534 new cases

Jakarta – The number of positive confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia increased by 10,534 on Tuesday (31/8/2021), almost double the previous day. The total positive cases so far have been recorded at 4,089,801, recovered 3,760,497, died 133,023. The number of examinations recorded was 224,242 specimens, 248,333 suspects, and 196,281 active cases. Details of the […]