EPFL: software for exploring the universe in 3D

Traveling to the edge of space comfortably seated in your chair is now possible thanks to software developed by astrophysicists and computer scientists from EPFL. Called VIRUP, for “VIRtual Universe Project”, it is available in open source. This powerful software builds in real time a virtual universe based on the most detailed contemporary cosmological and […]

Chancellor Kurz, suspected of corruption, announces his resignation

Austrian Conservative Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced his resignation on Saturday evening. He is suspected of being involved in a corruption case. “It would be irresponsible to slip into months of chaos or deadlock,” he told reporters in Vienna, explaining that he was withdrawing for the “stability” of the country while refuting “false accusations”. ‘I want […]

SBB orders € 2 billion from Stadler Rail

Stadler Rail will deliver 286 new trainsets to SBB and two of their subsidiaries for regional traffic. The manufacturer of Bussnang (TG) won over the French Alstom and the German Siemens in the competition. The contract is for 2 billion francs. The first trains will enter service in 2026 in eastern Switzerland and Valais. Central […]

A biker in awkward posture

A traffic accident involved a motorcycle and a car on the section between Goumois and Saignelégier on Monday. A motorcyclist who was traveling in the direction of the capital of Taignon deviated from his path in a right turn around 5 p.m., according to a press release sent by the Jura police. He crossed the […]

The La Chaux-de-Fonds History Museum labeled

Being accessible to everyone is one of the missions of the La Chaux-de-Fonds History Museum. The institution is now a partner of the “Inclusive Culture” label awarded by Pro Infirmis. It is the second museum in the canton, after the Laténium, to receive this certification. The label covers access to content, architectural access, job offers […]

“Disfigured” by a cure, Linda Evangelista claims 50 million

Supermodel Linda Evangelista is claiming $ 50 million from the company responsible for cosmetic treatment that she says has ‘disfigured’ her and made her ‘unemployable’, in a lawsuit filed in federal court in New York. She said this week to have been ‘irreparably disfigured’ by a cosmetic treatment that went wrong five years ago, in […]

New strategic alliance in the Indo-Pacific zone

The United States, which seeks to strengthen its alliances in all directions with China, announced Wednesday with Australia and the United Kingdom a security partnership in the Indo-Pacific zone. They will deliver nuclear powered submarines to Caberra. Immediate consequence of this spectacular announcement: Australia broke a gigantic contract with France for the delivery of conventional […]

Apple: new iPhones, same problems

Apple introduced new devices on Tuesday with a lot of superlatives. The giant can however hardly forget the criticisms that accumulate on the front of competition, confidentiality or cybersecurity. ‘What a series of spectacular announcements’, welcomed the boss Tim Cook at the end of the annual marketing event broadcast online, pandemic obliges. But unlike last […]

Day of tribute to singer Johnny Hallyday

Inauguration of an esplanade in his name, parade of bikers, concert. A day of tribute to rock singer Johnny Hallyday, who died in December 2017, gathered thousands of people on Tuesday in Paris. Highlight of the day, an ‘Esplanade Johnny’ was inaugurated on a large square located in front of the Parisian performance hall of […]

Passage re-established at the Roche tunnel

Two months of detours to get to the Franches-Montagnes… but this Friday, it is again possible to connect the valley and the heights of the canton by the tunnel of La Roche. The structure, which had been under construction since the beginning of July, can be borrowed again, at the latest from 4 p.m. And […]