MLB. Umpire confiscates the cap of the Mexican Giovanny Gallegos | VIDEO

Editorial Seventh entry Guaranteed Rate Field / 26.05.2021 17:57:35 Umpire Joe West confiscated the cap of Mexican pitcher Giovanny Gallegos in Wednesday’s game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago White Sox on suspicions of using a prohibited substance. West’s suspicions would have been raised when Gallegos was running from the bullpen; the substance […]

Yadier Molina shoots Padres rookie on his knees

Years go by, 18 to be exact, and Yadier Molina continues to maintain one of the best arms in all of Major League Baseball. This Sunday the Venezuelan rookie of the Padres, Jose Marcano, was the new victim of the Puerto Rican mask of the Cardinals, who surprised him in a itent of asault to […]

Does Nolan Arenado invite Albert Pujol to join the Cardinals?

Prior to Friday’s game against the Rockies, the Cardinals stellar third baseman from San Luis, Nolan Arenado, was one of those who appeared on Zoom’s videoconference to talk about news from his team. But it was not until the end of his participation with the media that Arenado’s comments caught the attention of all who […]

Winners of the MLB Golden Gloves season 2020 Major League Baseball

The Big leagues they started calling list: The World Series Champion? “Present,” the Los Angeles Dodgers yelled. Does the MVP of ‘Autumn Classic’? “Here I am,” he said Cody Seager. The winners of the Golden Guanta? And the players of the New York Yankees they left the room called ‘The best of the 2020 season’. […]

MLB: the most winning teams in the Baseball World Series

Former football coach, Lombardi wins, patented the phrase “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”, and boy do they know it in the Major League Baseball (MLB), where in its centenary, 114 champions have had the Baseball World Series; however, only a few can boast that they have a large number of titles. In fact, […]

Six Latinos, including five Dominicans, finalists for Hank Aaron

SAN DIEGO – Six Latin Americans, led by five Dominicans, are part of the list of finalists for the Hank Aaron Award, announced Wednesday the office of the Major League Baseball (MLB) commissioner, which each year presents the award during the World Series for recognize the best pure hitter on each circuit. Each team nominated […]