Donetsk will be called Stalin in the memorable dates of World War II

The city of Donetsk will be called Stalin on the memorable dates of World War II. The corresponding decree was signed by the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Denis Pushilin (.pdf). This name the city bore in 1929-1961. The name “Stalin’s city” will be used as a symbol of Donetsk during events […]

Helen Scott, New Wave ferryman

August 1965, to Helen Scott, who has just met Rossellini and has completely returned, even if as usual she jokes, Fran├žois Truffaut writes: “The truth is that I fall in love with people through movies, while you are the opposite.” Another random letter. Truffaut, in 1968, while he was waiting for the Reunion team the […]

“Appeasing Hitler”, the worst diplomacy

The strategy that London and Paris followed, up to 1939, towards Nazi Germany seems in many respects incomprehensible. Far from adopting a firm policy towards a country still vacillating, the two Allies practiced theappeasement, an ineffective diplomacy of abandonment since it combined the woes of war with the bitter fruits of dishonor. Rather, however, than […]

Demonstrated unit (daily newspaper young world)

Agreement in Yalta on post-war world order: the “Big Three” 75 years ago, the top politicians of the anti-Hitler coalition met in Yalta on the Russian Crimean peninsula: Josef Stalin, Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt. The conference lasted from February 4th to 11th, 1945 and dealt mainly with questions of the post-war order. It […]