El-Erian: Snap results are a test of market sentiment

Economist Mohamed El-Erian described Snap’s recent weak results as a test of market sentiment. And that the “Standard & Poor’s” index, which is currently recording a little less than 4000 points, is likely to retest its lows in June at 3600 points. “The next few days will be critical for the stock market, as investors […]

Tesla earnings growth fuels Wall Street

View of Wall Street The American flag on the New York Stock Exchange. (Photo: AP) Frankfurt ,New York A doubling of profits at the electric car manufacturer Tesla pushed the US stock exchanges on Thursday. After a weak start, the leading US index Dow Jones closed 0.5 percent higher at 32,036 points. The tech-heavy Nasdaq […]

Real estate buyers are on strike, politicians are alarmed

Mortgage strike worsens real estate crisis More and more homebuyers in China are refusing to pay their mortgages until their homes are completed. (Foto:¬†Bloomberg) Peking The real estate buyer’s desperation is unmistakable: “I paid 1.5 million yuan for an apartment, but it’s not being built,” he complains. “Who has my money?” The man doesn’t know […]