Chariot Adrien as Lady Gaga in the Star in the Star

A In the star Star 8. Lady Gaga in her semi-finals – in her first production – Adrien Szekereswho became the most versatile female performer of Season 8, as she is the only woman to compete after Lili Péterffy was eliminated last week. Adrien Szekeres as Lady Gaga (Source: TV2 / In the star Star […]

In the star Star: András Stohl as Margit Bangó

András Stohl The Queen of Songs, hiding in the skin of Margit Bangó, sniffed a huge darling on the stage In the star Star 8. on his Sunday live show. András Stohl as Margit Bangó (Source: TV2 / Star in the star – video) András Stohl’s production was a huge success among the jury, Attila […]

Krisztián Zámbó –

To Krisztián Zámbó now we have to deal with a serious hurdle to stay competitive on Sunday a Star in the starin. On his community page, he informed fans and competitors in a video message that he was ill and was unable to take part in the rehearsals on Wednesday. Krisztián Zámbó in the […]

Would Gabi Tóth be pregnant? –

A Star in the star Dallos Bogi dropped out on Sunday’s show, but that’s not the only reason the show was memorable. Gabi Tóth performed his new song, which Papal Jocico-produced with. However, the production did not arouse the audience’s interest because of the duet, because everyone was busy with the singer’s belly. Gabi Tóth […]

András Stohl is hiding in the skin of Mick Jagger

András Stohl a Star in the star with his singing teacher, Lajtai Kati, he shared his fear that imitating Mick Jagger was too big. András Stohl won the last broadcast of Sztárban Sztárban – Source: TV2 / Sztárban Sztár – video „I just can’t yet decide what it takes to make it overwhelming or to […]

Ádám Szabó talks about his addiction in the new song and clip of Yesyes

The band’s singer-songwriter, Ádám Szabó, now speaks openly about the low point of his life in recent months due to his addiction. The frontman of Yesyes decided to share his story with the public because he wanted to inspire others to dare to visit someone with their problem. The clip of Simple Money shows the […]