Nestle started selling Starbucks coffee in Bulgaria in stores and online

Nestle Bulgaria will sell the popular Starbucks coffee brand in Bulgaria. Offers include coffee beans, ground coffee, and capsules designed for coffee machines. This became clear from a statement of the Bulgarian company. Starbucks coffee at home will be available from September for coffee machine capsules and from November for coffee beans and ground coffee, […]

We already make Starbucks coffee at home

Fans of Starbucks coffee can now enjoy it at home thanks to the chain’s partnership with Nestle. As part of it, Nestle Bulgaria began to offer the product series of coffee for home and on our market. It includes coffee beans, ground coffee, as well as capsules for coffee machines “Nespresso” and “Nescafe dolce gusto”. […]

Companies: Nine multinationals join Microsoft proposal to reduce footprint

Updated on 07/21/2020 at 1:49 PM Nine multinationals came together on the initiative of the American computing giant Microsoft to share their research and strategies to allow all companies to achieve a footprint of carbon neutral by 2050. Call “Transform to Net Zero” (Transform to net zero), this initiative groups for the moment the Danish […]

Threat of Punishment for Breast Peers via Starbucks CCTV

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Police completes an investigation into a suspected Starbucks Jakarta employee viral video action peeping breasts customers through CCTV footage. The police are now waiting for the victims of this action to report. Later, both the perpetrators and disseminators of the video will be dealt with through the ITE Law. Head of […]

Wanted by Police, Starbucks Employees Peep Breast Customers at CCTV There are 2 people

Jakarta – Police are still exploring the case of Starbucks employee viral videos peeking at customers’ breasts via CCTV. Police suspect Starbucks employees who peek customers’ breasts amounted to 2 people. “It is suspected that there were 2 people, who did the zooming and the one recording,” said North Jakarta Police Chief Commissioner Budhi Herdi […]

Starbucks Employees Peep Breast Customers, Komnas Perempuan: Sexual Harassment

Screenshot of viral video of a Starbucks employee watching his customers through a CCTV screen. (Source: Screenshot / Twitter) KOMPAS.TV – Video upload of a Starbucks coffee shop employee watching a customer’s breasts via viral CCTV on social media on Wednesday (1/7/2020). Uploaded by Twitter account @LisaBet, the video has been watched more than 707,000 […]

A Customer Peek at Starbucks Coffee Is a Barista

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Viral video of Starbucks employees peering at the female customer chest. This incident took place on Wednesday July 1 2020. The video’s viral video started with a social media upload on Twitter showing several Starbucks employees flashing a screen and raising an object in the chest of a female customer sitting in […]