Formation of government in Thuringia: Secretly from the CDU mess

Formation of government in Thuringia The Thuringian CDU makes one mistake after another. Decisions of the federal party are not helpful. Now silent defiance is the order of the day. Is someone secretly voting for the new government in Thuringia? Mike Mohring and Mario Voigt from the CDU Photo: Martin Schutt / dpa The Thuringian […]

Prime Minister election in Thuringia: an unworthy gag

Prime Minister election in Thuringia The CDU is under pressure. She should agree to an alliance with Ramelow if she doesn’t want to gamble away more credibility. Lieberknecht and Ramelow have never been as close as today Photo: dpa Perhaps insight will prevail in the Thuringian CDU. The insight that many outside the power-loving Thuringian […]

Withdrawal from Mike Mohring: victim of himself

Mike Mohring’s withdrawal It was inevitable that the Thuringian CDU-Mohring would leave his post. But he also owes his crash to the narrow-mindedness of his western colleagues. He clocked, gambled and gambled away trust: Mike Mohring resigns Photo: Michael Kappeler / dpa He looked like he was already gone. In a video that he published […]

Future of the CDU: cabal and blows

Future of the CDU What’s next in the CDU? Does Friedrich Merz win? And what happens in Thuringia? Answers to the most important questions He wants to know it again: Friedrich Merz visits the Forum Mittelstand Photo: Hans Christian Plambeck / laif Who wins the power struggle in the CDU? Armin Laschet has a good […]

Board decision of the Liberals: FDP expresses trust in Lindner

Board decision of the Liberals The party leader may remain in office despite the controversial Thuringian election. Kemmerich’s candidacy was a mistake, says Lindner. FDP boss Christian Lindner after the meeting of the FDP board Photo: reuters BERLIN taz | FDP party leader Christian Lindner has survived the question of trust he asked himself. On […]

After the election in Thuringia: The cowboy gives in

After the election in Thuringia Thomas Kemmerich will probably go down in history as the short-term prime minister. However, new elections have not yet been made. Stepping down in cowboy boots: Thomas Kemmerich Photo: Hannibal Hanschke / reuters ERFURT / DRESDEN taz | When demonstrators gather in front of the Thuringian State Chancellery on Thursday […]