Facts about the phenomenon of crowds withdrawing from CPNS

Wednesday, June 1 2022 06:30 Reporter : Merdeka Deputy Mayor of Pasuruan Adi Wibowo Opens CPNS Orientation. ©2022 Merdeka.com Merdeka.com – News about prospective civil servants (CPNS) who resigned was crowded in Indonesia. The State Civil Service Agency (BKN) noted that there were 105 CPNS 2021 people who resigned from their new status as candidates […]

Diaspora groups applaud that a pro-statehood project was discarded in Congress

Washington D.C. – Puerto Rican diaspora organizations affirmed today that it is important that it has been discarded in the Congress American a project to offer Puerto Rico only the alternative of statehood. But, they indicated that the draft legislation that proposes a plebiscite between statehood, independence and free association, must be amended to ensure […]

They doubt the binding nature of the status project for Puerto Rico

For the leftist organization, such a measure announced in Washington by the Democratic spokesman in Congress Steny Hoyer, in the company of other colleagues of Hispanic origin and the Puerto Rican ruler, Pedro R. Pierluisi, “only confirms the colonial condition” of this nation of the Caribbean. “The bill only confirms the colonial status of the […]

Actu // The subject of working time at the heart of the news

Written by ID CiTé on 05/11/2022 Between a strong political context, a health crisis, an international crisis and its economic consequences, the subject of working time is at the heart of the news. Small illustration by talking about managers’ relationship to time, the lengthening of life (and work), and atypical hours and their consequences. In […]

Booster against Corona: For whom are further vaccinations useful?

A man from Magdeburg had himself vaccinated against Corona a whopping 87 times last summer – probably mainly to get vaccination certificates in this way, which he then sold on to vaccination skeptics who wanted to circumvent the corona restrictions without being vaccinated . Investigators uncovered this curious case in early April. Is the 62-year-old […]

USA: Full approval of the Biontech vaccine failed to convince vaccine skeptics

Many Americans who did not want to be vaccinated against Corona last summer often gave the reason for their reluctance that they did not trust the conditional approval of the vaccine by the FDA. This conditional approval expresses the fact that we do not know enough about the safety of the vaccines. In August, however, […]

Philippine President Legalizes Police Executions

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has established a death cult as his plan of government. With the promise of “ending drugs in the country at all costs”, Duterte gave unprecedented powers to local police to eliminate drug dealers and drug users, says the newspaper The State of São Paulo. Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines GOVJP […]