Index – Culture – Bloodbath after the wedding

David Bowie sings it Miracle Goodnight in song that I wish I had a future, anywhere… We, to Black Tie White Noise The release of his 1993 album made it clear: yes, there is a future for Bowie, who suffered a creative crisis in the second half of the eighties. The album has now been […]

Index – Culture – Vikings with guitar, ax and machine gun

Long ships with dragon heads appeared on the horizon. Thick guitars are the sails, oars are drumbeaters, battle cries are dry snarls. They landed on the beach and then slapped an Amon Amarth record in our faces. The Viking metal, or more precisely, the melodic death metal band has already released dozens of albums. If […]

Index – Culture – There is only one question: are you over seventeen yet?

STK X DCK claims their latest song, a Seventeenabout dreaming, recalling summer memories and a little nostalgia. All of this is said in the middle of summer, which means that if we were to immerse ourselves in recalling memories now, what else can await us until the end of the season… But the song still […]

Index – Culture – Here is the tough man who lights a candle in the wind

Just as a snake sheds its skin, so does Whitesnake, although they haven’t made new songs in a while. If one of their anniversary albums is re-released, it is sure to contain new remixes, the stripped-down soundtracks will appear, leaving fans unsure as to which version is now canonical. But David Coverdale not only revitalized […]