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March 9, 2023 Marco Schröder Open discussions and common goals – some of those responsible from clubs and organizations at the Blomberg Marketing club meeting (Image: Blomberg Marketing) More than 30 representatives from sports and cultural associations, village committees, home and support associations followed Blomberg Marketing’s invitation to an open exchange of information on the […]

Virtual me: Whatsapp starts avatars

Messenger-App Virtual me: Whatsapp starts avatars More personal than emojis: With 36 different avatar stickers, the digital me is well positioned in chats. Whatsapp/dpa-tmn December 14, 2022 at 4:07 p.m Emojis are popular for expressing feelings in chats. If you want to present yourself more strongly, you can use the avatar – the personalized emoji. […]

Crowds followed his path, yet no one saw when it happened

Something mysteriously disappeared from the car carrying the coffin, no one saw when it happened. Where did he go? Undertakers began transporting the coffin on Sunday (September 11) and onlookers noticed a ‘William Purves’ sticker on one of the windows. The trouble with hiring one from the local firm is that you get advertising. They […]

From Microscopes to Text Scanners, These are 6 Features in the Oppo Reno7 4G Camera – Miscellaneous smartphone The current market market in Indonesia is also equipped with a variety of capable camera features. Either one smartphone Oppo’s latest, Reno7 4G, for example, is equipped with a number of capable cameras that are equipped with various smart features that rely on artificial intelligence (AI). On paper, the Oppo Reno7 […]