Milan train strike confirmed: timetables

The train strike scheduled for Friday 22 April has been confirmed. This is a national event which will also involve Trenitalia and Trenord companies. “Salvo”, on the other hand, is local public transport (therefore ATM vehicles in Milan, which could instead stop on Thursday 28 April). Trenord train timetables for the strike of 22 April […]

comes the blockade of trucks against expensive gasoline

Expensive fuels worries citizens and not a little but one of the most affected categories, with dramatic chain consequences on the rest of the activities, is that of road hauliers. The threat of a truck blockade to protest against expensive gasoline becomes concrete and after the spontaneous protests that took place in recent days, the […]

Pro-Russian threatens Ukrainian Mariupol “attack if not surrender” | Reuters

Commander Eduardo Basulin, a pro-Russian armed group that effectively controls Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, warned Mariupol, a port city in the southeast, that it would attack the city’s Ukrainian government forces if they did not surrender. Photo taken in Mariupol on February 26 (2022 Reuters / Nikolay Ryabchenko) [Moscow 3rd Reuters]— Commander Eduardo Basulin, a […]

Strike in Rome 8 March 2022 for Women’s Day

Rome stops for the general strike on Tuesday 8 March. This was proclaimed by the trade unions Cub, Cobas, Si Cobas, Slai Cobas, Sgb, Usb and Us who responded to the appeal launched by Non una di less, the path born in Rome from the confrontation between different female and feminist realities on legislation, anti-violence […]

Railway stations in Koblenz and Montabaur affected – SWR news

The union of German locomotive drivers (GDL) wants to strike Deutsche Bahn by Tuesday. A corresponding urgent application by the railway was rejected by the court. At Deutsche Bahn, the train drivers’ strike can continue as planned until Tuesday morning. The labor court rejected an injunction on Thursday evening with which the railway wanted to […]

Warning strikes in the public service in Baden-Württemberg announced – SWR Aktuell

The Verdi union called for warning strikes in the public service in Baden-Württemberg from Wednesday. Daycare centers, hospitals and local transport could be affected. With the warning strikes, the Verdi union wants to increase the pressure on employers. In the collective bargaining at the weekend in Potsdam, there was no agreement with the employers. “Employers […]


Snapchat signs new agreement to develop mobile television Snapchat has signed a contract with MGM to develop original TV programming for the social network. The partnership follows similar agreements with television networks such as NBC, ESPN and the BBC. According to media reports, stand-alone programming is being developed to tell the entire narrative in four […]

60 hours of work per week, 21 days without a break … the interns can’t take it anymore

EXHAUSTION – Medical interns have announced a two-day nationwide strike to demand improvements in their working conditions. LCI editorial staff – 2021-06-19T12:53:58.420+02:00 Weeks of work of 60 hours or even more than 90 hours … The young medical interns started, since Friday, a strike movement denouncing their “extended weeks”. Future doctors who ask not to […]

Sewer workers and sweepers on strike take over Paris town hall – Liberation

Red smoke cracked on the roof of the Hôtel de Ville in Paris, 200 to 300 sweepers and sewer workers barricaded inside, several hundred people remained in front of the building… As the last week of the commemorations of the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune, the symbolism was at the rendezvous for this action […]