the real reason why Cristina Kirchner expected a great victory for Lula Da Silva

Neither the ideology nor the nostalgia for a progressive “Great Country”. The vice sought to measure tolerance and forgetfulness of the serious accusations of corruption against the candidate. The electoral result showed the opposite. A paralyzing bucket of ice water fell this Sunday from Brazil on Cristina Kirchnerextinguishing the flame that both she and her […]

Mother! This is how to prevent and treat rashes, eczema and itching in babies

North Sulawesi portal – Rashes, eczema and hives are common in babies. Even rashes, eczema and hives rarely pose an emergency in babies. However, you should get medical help if the rash, eczema and hives cause other symptoms such as fever, vomiting and other symptoms. Also Read: How to Overcome Rash, Eczema and Itching in […]

Beware of Singapore Flu in Children, Recognize the Symptoms and How to Prevent It

Singapore Flu in Children. – Singapore flu or hand foot mouth disease (HFMD), is a disease that is currently being discussed on social media. Singapore flu is a contagious disease that can affect anyone, and is more common in children. Quoting from Healthline, Singapore Flu is a highly contagious disease caused by coxsackievirus, […]

«You can see it’s a team playing against Benfica» – Benfica

26 September 2021 – 09:47 Distinguished Benfica supporters analyze the game against V. Guimarães Benfica won for the seventh round in a row (1-3) and began to build the triumph against V. Guimarães in the first half, with two goals from Yaremchuk, and he could have reached the rest with another score. In the second […]