Between the numbers – a lot of money for nothing – economy

No, Corona and the big move to the home office were not the trigger for this idea. Last year, a fashion house sold a dress that was purely digital at auction. The pearlescent fabric of the ankle-length tunic is animated. In such a way that it flows around the body of the – virtual – […]

Artificial intelligence in the casino – don’t play anything to me – economy

The bank always wins, they say – and now it also has artificial intelligence on its side. Some of the world’s largest casino operators in Macau, China, the center of global gambling, are now using hidden cameras, face recognition and digitally activated poker chips: The aim is to analyze which of their millions of customers […]

Banks – So that the credits flow – Economy

Open detailed view The Frankfurt banking district: fundamentally important for the economy. (Photo: Frank Rumpenhorst / dpa) The disappointment on the capital market was clear, but relief is likely to have spread in the Frankfurt banking towers and in the head offices of savings banks. With its decisions on Thursday, the European Central Bank took […]

Real estate – numbers for the garden – economy

Schools closed, restaurants closed, shops only partially open – not only public life was restricted during the nationwide ban on contacts. The crisis was also felt on the German real estate market. The number of advertisements for rental properties, condominiums or one- and two-family houses fell by more than 40 percent in some cases during […]