May is summery – up to 30 degrees!

Johannes Habermehl 21 May Can we go back to the outdoor pools soon? In any case, the weather will be summery. Today and tomorrow we are facing the warmest days of the year so far. In Germany, the temperatures sometimes climb well above the 25-degree mark. In the west and south of the country, values […]

Degree. Calvary, now restored, has been blessed

Friday morning, meeting was given at the crossroads rue du Calvaire and route d’Aigné, for the blessing of the Calvary, newly restored by the Association Croix et Calvaires de la Sarthe and the volunteers of the municipality. The history of this monument is marked by three dates: 1885, 1925 and 1945. It is related in […]

Summer diet. What to eat to lose weight

WatermelonThe red core of watermelon provides nutrients beneficial to the body. Rich in carotenoids, it protects the body from the action of free radicals and fights many diseases, such as cardiovascular. In addition, it contains a lot of water (97%), being ideal for squeezing. Watermelon juice provides vitamins and electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium) […]

“I was very badly treated”, Donald Trump moves fiscally from New York to Florida

The president would have calculated that this place of residence would be more advantageous for him, while the White House refused to comment. LUS President Donald Trump, considering himself “very badly treated” by his hometown of New York, announced that he would make Palm Beach, Florida his new tax residence. “My family and I are […]

Krčmář and Charvátová won summer biathlon titles in the fighter

Michal Krčmář and Lucie Charvátová won domestic summer championship titles in a biathlon race on roller skis in Letohrad. The innkeeper improved from second place in the sprint, his teammate from SKP Kornspitz Charvátová, despite five mistakes at the shooting range, added a second primacy to Saturday’s triumph. The innkeeper did not hit only one […]

TESTIMONY. “It was obvious”: after confinement, they decided to

The great urban exodus will not have taken place, but some will have taken the plunge and decided to change their life. Joana and Alexis, in their twenties, have decided to leave Lyon for the Sarthe countryside. The Coupez family returned from New York in disaster in April, and settled in the Perche. The confinement […]