A smart way to get rid of scale stuck in your shower head

Tell me – the shower, like any bathroom utensil, must be kept clean. Especially with the increased chances of accumulation of bacteria, germs and various impurities in it with daily use. Over time and overuse, these impurities may clog the water passage holes. In addition to changing the color of the shower and the extinguishing […]

Battery draining fast.. iPhone users are angry with the new update

Tell me – After months of anticipation, the American company “Apple” released an update for its operating system (iOS 15.4), but iPhone users quickly expressed their anger due to a major problem they faced. And the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, said that many iPhone users said that they noticed a rapid battery drain after downloading […]

Gold stocks in the Arab countries.. Which country has the highest percentage?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates– (CNN) In light of the Russian war on Ukraine, which had an impact on the global increase in the precious metal, gold prices in Egypt rose significantly by 8-10% since the outbreak of the war, which caused a weakness In the sales movement, especially among the middle class, which represents the […]

Nickel prices jump 250% in two days, and the metal exchange suspends trading…

Thank you for reading. Read the news: Nickel prices jump 250% in two days, and the Metal Exchange suspends trading of the metal… I wrote – Shaima Hefzy: Today, Tuesday, the London Metal Exchange suspended trading on nickel, to catch a breath, after a record price hike yesterday that reached 90%. Today, the price of […]

GT Master Edition realme wins the title of best phone in terms of design for 2021…

Thank you for reading. Read the news: GT Master Edition realme wins the title of best phone in terms of design for 2021… *Editorial announcement: The beauty of the phone, the innovative design and the powerful performance are still the most important thing that distinguishes the smartphone, especially in light of the strong competition between […]

Two cases against Ahlam and al-Kubaisi for their lack of commitment

Khabarni – The General Department of Investigations in the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior recorded two cases of a “special misdemeanor” against a Gulf artist and artist and their companions, due to their non-compliance during their visit to the country with the quarantine procedures imposed by the authorities to confront the “Corona” virus, according to what […]

Kitchen splashback glass motif Aerial View of San Francisco Skyline at Sunset

To get the most perfect end result, we recommend that you measure the width and height of your back wall at different points. Always take the smallest measurement and subtract 4 mm. Dimensions tailor-made according to mm Min. Dimension plate 20 cm x 20 cm Max. Dimension plate 160 cm x 120 cm Material tempered […]