Henry Cavill denies that he has signed a new contract to be Superman

Henry Cavill is the Superman of our generation, yet Warner Bros. is somewhat reluctant to accept reality. DCEU fans are eager for the arrival of the Snyder Cut on the HBO Max platform next year, a situation that quickly sparked rumors of the return of Cavill like Clark Kent. The 37-year-old actor was present at […]

An eternal superhero named Atticus Finch

The Atticus Finch of ‘Kill a Mockingbird’ is an upright and everyday hero who has awakened the vocation to study Law for lawyers from around the world. Almost sixty years after its premiere, the Robert Mulligan classic keeps its cinematic and moral values ​​intact. In those surveys to which the americ are so fond This […]

América and Piojo Herrera to renegotiate contract renewal – Sniper

Although the talks between America and Miguel Herrera are aimed at renewal, the pandemic caused everything to be on hiatus and both parties are confident that the ‘turbulence’ may soon pass and define three more years of contract as is the intention, yes, with the clause that I had already told you that if a […]

To Moore Life

Once upon a time there was American independent rock. Once upon a time there was R. Stevie Moore, his grandpa, his godfather. Uplifting scene among other very moving Cool Daddio, the documentary portrait, broadcast as part of the Fame festival (read below) dedicated to him by the duo Imogen Putler and Monika Baran, in which […]