The most dangerous 5 places where the Corona virus can be caught .. Beware

12:00 PM Wednesday 06 May 2020 Agencies: The precautionary measures that we take daily to avoid infection with the Corona virus are no longer sufficient. Rather, it is necessary to know the places that we may visit every day that still pose a great danger. Here is a group of places that are still dangerous […]

Coronavirus World Updates: Patients Escape Hospitals

It was a dramatic day around the world when the corona virus continued to spread fatally. According to Clarence House, Prince Charles has been diagnosed with Corona virus, with concerns for the Queen, even though she is “in good health” as the UK has seen the most dramatic increase in confirmed cases to date. In […]

All of your questions about COVID-19 have been answered

The deadly corona virus has now spread to at least 155 countries, infecting more than 180,000 people and killing more than 8000 people. Governments and health agencies around the world are trying to curb the pandemic, close schools, ban public gatherings, and declare emergency situations. As the virus continues to spread rapidly around the world, […]

Coles announces strict new purchasing restrictions

Supermarket giant Coles has announced a series of stringent new limits to ensure that no important items dry up on the shelves after the corona virus. Previously, Coles had limited buyers to buying one pack of toilet paper per customer per store. Other items could be bought in bulk. However, the company has now expanded […]

Travel bans, market slump, people isolated

There were extensive travel bans around the world on Thursday, sealing off countries and even entire continents, keeping people in their homes and slowing commercial engines to curb the coronavirus pandemic. The markets collapsed with the growing awareness that uncertainty would not end quickly. RELATED: Coronavirus Postpones Australian Grand Prix RELATED: Live coverage of the […]

The desperate plea of ​​cystic fibrosis patients for tissue

Tissue has become the latest victim of panic buying, which has hit the nation amid fears of coronaviruses. Most stores are now empty. But a man, Peter Oxford, desperately needs tissue for his rare disease – cystic fibrosis. “I launched a new life-saving drug that allows me to cough up a lot of phlegm,” Oxford […]