What supermarkets are open on November 1, All Saints’ Day?

On All Saints’ Day, Tuesday, November 1, the opening and closing times of the main supermarkets in Spain will vary depending on the commercial policy of each chain. Some stores will maintain their usual hours, others will open with reduced hours, some will close all their establishments, and in other cases closures and openings will […]

Kovanda: Food around the world is already getting cheaper. Not yet to the Czechs

Food around the world is already becoming cheaper, but Czech sellers often cut their prices even further instead. Czechs should be careful when shopping in the store and not buy food at any price, says economist Lukáš Kovanda. Global food prices appear to be falling this month for the first time in more than two […]

Distribution surprised by new tax

By Daniela Soares Ferreira and Sónia Peres Pinto After energy drinks, the focus was also on distribution. The Prime Minister announced this week that the proposed law that the Government will present for the taxation of windfall profits will […]

Contaminated pasta withdrawn from supermarkets: the batches reported

Another Wednesday 28 September recall was published by the Ministry of Health, and this time it is about pasta, withdrawn from supermarkets for “risk of allergens”. In the circular were also reported i contaminated batcheswith all the information to identify the packages involved and the risks associated with consumption. Pasta withdrawn from supermarkets due to […]

Food bank raises standard for aid package collection due to inflation

ANP NOS News•Saturday, 18:04 Food banks are broadening the standard for obtaining a food package. That is what the umbrella organization Food Banks Netherlands decided this afternoon. The measure responds to the rising cost of living, which is causing more households to find themselves in financial difficulties. Food banks look at household income and the […]

The rapid decline of ghost supermarkets

After the takeoff of the ghost kitchens, where the restoration works behind closed doors with orders by app and riders at home, a model with a similar idea arrived in Spain but with market and pharmacy products -except prescription drugs-. When the pandemic receded and people took off their masks, the ‘dark stores’ arrived with […]

withdrawn, aflatoxins beyond the limits

A new food alert caused the withdrawal of another product from the shelves of Italian supermarkets. As always, it was issued by the Ministry of Health which, warned of a high risk after a sample study, initiated the report and requested the withdrawal of the product from supermarkets. This is not a novelty, on the […]

withdrawn from supermarkets these products

As is often the case, even these days have been some products were withdrawn from supermarket shelves as a precaution, which could be very dangerous if consumed, since they have been found inside even fragments of metal and glass (and it’s not the first time, here the previous one in mid-August). Of course, these are […]

It goes viral for showing what supermarkets are like in Cuba

Although it seems that all supermarkets are the same around the world, the reality is that they can change between them depending on the conditions in which the country is. This was documented by a TikTok user and he explained to us what supermarkets are like in Cuba, as well as recounted his experience as […]