Apple Music, Apple TV and iCloud services are coming to Windows and Xbox

MADRID (Portaltic/EP).- Microsoft announced that two services developed by Apple, Apple Music and Apple TV, will soon arrive on its Windows platforms and devices, as well as a new integration with iCloud and the Photos application in the latest version of the system operative. The company unveiled these developments during the presentation of its new […]

Surface as a anger drain: NFL plans penalties for violence against tablets

After Surface tablets were repeatedly destroyed or at least massively abused by NFL players and coaches, the American Football League took action. Anyone who violates one of the Microsoft tablets will have to pay a fine in the future. According to reports from US sports journalists, the National Football League (NFL) is reacting to the […]

Dodger Stadium, home of the Los Angeles DodgersSeventh Entrance

adieu carrillo Los Angeles, California / 12.07.2022 23:07:30 The Dodger Stadium celebrates 60 years of existence this 2022 and will do so hosting for the second time in its history the All-Star Game and the Home Run Derby from Major League Baseball (MLB). Inaugurated on April 16, 1962the House of Los Angeles Dodgers it immediately […]

Significant drop in the area sown with wheat in the 2022/23 campaign

The lack of humidity is generating the first negative impact of the 2022/23 campaign with a significant drop in the area sown with wheat at the national level and especially in the agricultural core area. In the central region of the country, where cereal planting has already finished, the Rosario Stock Exchange warns that the […]

Near Las Vegas, dead bodies resurface in a lake due to drought

A macabre discovery. In early May 2022, a skeleton was found in a metal barrel on the shores of Lake Mead, the largest water reservoir in the United States. Located near Las Vegas, this artificial lake has seen its volume of water drastically decrease under the effect of the drought, revealing its most terrible secrets. […]