Microsoft and its commitment to a more sustainable world | Additional features

Sustainability and caring for the planet has ceased to be a fad to become a strategic priority for companies. Microsoft has stood out for leading this commitment to protecting the Earth. “For a society like ours to be healthy, it needs a healthy planet”, is one of the slogans of technology. Maintaining nature and biodiversity […]

The Norwegian far-right attacks in networks who shows off a UN pin | Global World Blog

Should members of the government pin down the UN’s sustainability goals as the country sidesteps the coronavirus crisis? This question has fueled the political debate in Norway, both in the halls of Parliament, the Storting, and on social media. The multi-colored donut icon representing the 2030 Agenda to achieve the 17 United Nations-promoted Sustainable Development […]

After the pandemic: fairer, more sustainable and social museums?

Museums around the world, after weeks deserted, see the long-awaited return to the (new) normality closer. Having taken security and preventive conservation measures to protect collections and facilities, what has happened to the other two essential vectors for museums to exist, their professionals and visitors? What have the museum management leaders done to maintain the […]

Towards sustainable competitiveness | The mail

Leaders in the face of the crisis Jesus Ferrero XABIER SAGREDO Sunday, May 17, 2020, 00:40 Nobody imagined 2 months ago that the world would go into shock: more than a third of the planet confined, Zoom everywhere (it grows by 1,270% during Covid), with decreases of over 70% in world traffic and pollution at […]

Gastronomy against ‘big data’ in Madrid Fusión | Style

Without neglecting emulsions or spherifications, haute cuisine claims its attachment to reality: it wants to be urban while remaining linked to the land; global while defending the genuineness of local pantries. It seeks to capture the soul of the products, “dispense with the superficial,” says José Carlos Capel, gastronomic critic of EL PAÍS and president […]

Indonesia and the Netherlands agree to develop sustainable tourism in Lake Toba

Jakarta. The Dutch Competence Center for Entertainment, Tourism and Hospitality (CELTH) and the DEL Institute of Technology have agreed to contribute to the development of Lake Toba in North Sumatra in order to become a sustainable tourism destination. The agreement was reached during a series of seminars on sustainable tourism and water quality at Lake […]