Porridge Radio’s haunted mantras

On March 27 were praised in these columns the merits of the first album of the Londoners of Sorry, carried by the young Asha Lorenz, distant cousin of the PJ Harvey of the beginnings. The news offers us another excellent album of English female rock, on which also hangs the shadow of the singer of […]

At war with boredom: vintage synths, English football and Mozart

1- With scented candles For twenty years, Sufjan Stevens’ career has been like a pendulum of medium: as soon as the most revered folk bard of his generation takes light (say, an Oscar nomination for his lamentos in Call Me by Your Name), he goes back into the darkness of his cellar tinkering with an […]

Richard Teitelbaum, an avant-garde life

To be overlooked, Richard Teitelbaum was no less a pioneer. Improvisation. Mix of genres. The mixing of cultures. An innovator in the aura of a John Cage, an Ornette Coleman or a Terry Riley, would defend some who know his legacy and have benefited from the inventions of the one whose fate goes through in […]

The sound of the day # 428: stumbling like cold sheet metal

“It’s Niagara Falls, I have my ragnagnas, I have my moons, you’re going to have one”, chants in the middle of their second album, the female trio Tôle fraîche, in an unstoppable refrain of less than a minute compiling various imaginary expressions to evoke the rules. An obvious tube. With the same joyful spontaneity, the […]