Leaked Video of Mass Massacre in Syria, Strong Evidence of War Crimes

Author: Louisa von Richthofen, Khaled Salameh/DW Indonesia DAMASCUS, KOMPAS.com – In late April 2022, a Syrian defector leaked a video of the Tadamon massacre. Hundreds of Syrian families watched the clip and hoped to find out what happened to their missing son. Siyam family also watches it. Their son, Waseem Siyam, left his home in […]

Syria calls every Turkish attack a war crime

loading… DAMASCUS – Ministry of Foreign Affairs Syria said on Wednesday (05/25/2022), that they would consider any military strike Turki to its territory as war crimes and crimes against humanity”. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said earlier this week that Ankara would soon create a 30km safe zone beyond its southern border to combat what he […]

US Disappointed by UAE Warmly Welcomes Assad’s Visit

loading… America is disappointed, the UAE warmly welcomes Assad’s visit. PHOTO/Reuters WASHINGTON – Syrian President’s Visit Bashar al-Assad ke United Arab Emirates (UAE) makes United States of America (USA) “very disappointed”. The US also urged their allies to avoid normalizing relations with a regime accused of “terrible atrocities”. Assad’s surprise trip to the UAE on […]

Russian tactics in Ukraine are similar to the Syrian war All

MOSCOW, KOMPAS.com – Surrounding cities, shelling civilian infrastructure and setting up “safe corridors”: the tactics used by Russia in Ukraine mirror those that were tested and designed to eliminate the enemy in the Syrian conflict. However, not quite the same as in Syria, the challenges Russia faces from a Western-backed army in Ukraine are certainly […]