ASIAD 2023: Vietnam got 2 Bronze medals on the first day of competition

Heavyweight four-woman sailing team rowing (Dinh Thi Hao, Du Thi Bong, Pham Thi Hue, Ha Thi Vui) won the Bronze medal. (Photo: Hoang Linh/TTXVN) On the first main competition day (September 24) at ASIAD 2023 (Hangzhou, China), the Vietnamese Sports Delegation won 2 Bronze medals in Rowing and Taekwondo. Four girls Dinh Thi Hao, Du […]

Forge ahead on a new journey and run towards the future – Hebei Provincial Games showcase new achievements in sports development_Huaao Starry Sky | Sports Industry Platform

On September 16, the 16th Hebei Province Sports Games concluded in Handan City. At the closing ceremony, the competition results and outstanding contribution awards of each delegation, the sports ethics award, the best organization award for the mass sports group, the outstanding organization award for the mass sports group, the contribution award and other awards […]

Movie>Guangdong Taekwondo Hall went to South Korea to dance zombie dance and won the championship, was accused of besmirching the national image and was severely punished- Cross-Strait-China Times News

The Guangdong Taekwondo Academy went to South Korea to dance the zombie dance and won the championship. It was accused of besmirching the image of the nation and was severely punished. Netizens have divided opinions on this. (Picture/Screenshot of Internet Video) South Korean Taekwondo Competition Guangdong Team Performs Zombie Dance (The source of the video […]

Merchants Seize the Pink Business Opportunity to Unleash the Potential of “She Consumption”_Huao Xingkong | Sports Industry Platform

Recently, a movie called “Barbie” was released in my country, which once again aroused people’s attention to “her consumption”. This pink trend has extended beyond theaters. Merchants are seizing the business opportunity of pink, and the related sports products and activities launched are sought after, which makes people see the huge potential of women’s sports […]

Accused of being “lucky” and failed to weigh the weight, Jialing Luo revealed the true face of the coach in private | Life | CTWANT

Rewrite this content Luo Jialing previously participated in the women’s 57kg event at the U.S. Open, but was disqualified for being overweight. (Photo/Recap from LO Chia-Ling +0Facebook) Taekwondo national player Luo Jialing participated in the US Open women’s 57kg competition a few days ago and was disqualified for weighing more than 0.1kg. Coach Liu Congda […]

Taekwondo players “take off their underwear”! The female anchor was terrified after seeing it with her own eyes: full of shame | Entertainment | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Rewrite this content Entertainment Center/Report by Lan Shimeng[Publishedat10:41on3/6|Updatedat19:25:Addedaudioandvideo] ▲Luo Jialing was recently disqualified in the US Open for being overweight. (Photo/Reposted from Luo Jialing’s Facebook) Please read on…. Taekwondo national player Luo Jialing, who won a bronze medal in the Tokyo Olympics, was scheduled to participate in the US Taekwon Open in the near future, […]

Taekwondo players weighed down and “took off to the left of their underwear”, the anchor was terrified: shameful | Entertainment | CTWANT

Rewrite this content Luo Jialing was overweight and missed the competition, which reminded the anchor Xu Guiya of the time when she played Taekwondo. (Picture/Review of Sanli News Xu Guiya’s Facebook page) Recently, Luo Jialing, a national taekwondo player, missed the U.S. Open because she weighed more than 0.1 kilograms. Afterwards, she and her coach […]