Buffers galore, but the vaccine recall rate is low. Lopalco: “No more useless tests”

Sip visits and swabs to spend a few minutes together. The epidemiologist and former regional councilor for health, Pierluigi Lopalco, takes sides against the abuse of tampons at the expense of vaccines. “I continue to receive reports of enormous difficulties in visiting their elderly relatives in nursing homes and hospitals,” he explains. “Despite the ministerial […]

Covid quarantine: goodbye to seven days of isolation

It will not be removed but it could be shortened. The Regions ask the Ministry of Health to “free” from isolation those who no longer have symptoms and test negative for the swab even before 7 days. The consequences, for example on returning to work, would be easily imaginable. Today, with the Omicron 5 summer […]

“A positive for Covid? If he is asymptomatic he can even go to work “

Lucio Bomben director of the Asfo Prevention Department, he is not only in tune with the councilor for health Riccardo Riccardi on the need not to swab the asymptomatic who have had contact with a positive, but goes further and points to one line also for asymptomatic positives. «An asymptomatic positive – he explains – […]

“Abolish tampons at home, that’s why”

Contagions from Covid increase, but the numbers are strongly underestimated: as pointed out by doctors and experts in recent days, in fact, there are many who have symptoms but do not swab, or do it at home without reporting themselves. And the microbiologist Andrea Crisantione of the experts on the front […]

how has the virus changed? Questions and answers

That the virus now in circulation is highly transmissible is evident from the continuous increase in infections. On the other hand, the pathogenicity, that is the ability of the omicron 4 and 5 variants to cause more or less serious disease, is what is being discussed. While it is true that most of the people […]