Lindner is working on tax relief for companies

Christian Lindner The Federal Minister of Finance wants to reform corporate taxes. (Photo: dpa) Berlin Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) is preparing a comprehensive reform of corporate taxes. Experts in the Federal Ministry of Finance are currently developing various measures for the draft with the provisional title “Competition Strengthening Act”, the Handelsblatt learned from government […]

Jeremy Hunt wants to use Brexit freedoms

Rewrite this content Jeremy Hunt If the British Chancellor of the Exchequer has his way, Brexit should do the trick. (Foto: Bloomberg) London If a British government no longer knows how to overcome Britain’s chronic weakness in growth, Brexit is usually its last hope. That was already the case under Boris Johnson and Liz Truss. The […]

The State and its Money – The History of Taxes (Part 2) | DocFilm | DW

Tax collection: an instrument in the service of the powerful or a means of better distribution of wealth among the people? Part 2 of the documentary sheds light on the history of citizen protests against “they up there” demanding more tax justice. In the wake of the global financial crisis of 2008 and the austerity […]

What advantage the property tax reform offers despite the chaos

Ifo-Chef Clemens Fuest The President of the ifo Institute considers the property tax reform to be “unnecessarily complicated”. He puts his hope in the states, which may implement the law better than the federal government. Mr. Fuest, Elster breakdowns, incomprehensible tax returns, obtaining umpteen documents: quite a few taxpayers capitulate before filling out the new […]

Union calls for emergency program for companies and employees

“Made in Germany will only be successful beyond the crisis with more crisis resilience, more investments and more innovations,” said Klöckner. She criticized the fact that the traffic light government did not want to present its spring forecast until the end of April. “In a crisis situation like the current one, such processes must be […]

The relief package does not compensate for the loss of purchasing power

radiator and thermostat The coalition’s relief package still has to be approved by the cabinet, Bundestag and Bundesrat before it can come into force. (Photo: dpa) Berlin According to a study, the relief package put together by the traffic light coalition because of the high energy prices will not compensate for the losses suffered by […]

Tax office may not rate “success bonus” as income (nd current)

One employee took part in advanced training to become a certified industrial foreman in metal. In accordance with the Advancement Training Assistance Act (AFBG)), courses at the academies of the Chamber of Crafts are funded with credits, as is the completion of the master craftsman’s examination (Master BAföG). The woman received loans from the Lower […]

Population in Malta almost completely vaccinated, Bulgaria has 20 percent

at There is great disparity in vaccination rates in EU countries. Front runner is the island nation Malta, there are 90.3 percent of all adults fully vaccinated. Taillight is Bulgaria with only 20 percent. Overall, the countries in the east of the EU do worse. All six states that were below 50 percent on Tuesday […]

Minimum fairness tax

Suddenly everything happens very quickly: 130 nations have agreed on a minimum tax for companies. An important decision that is good for Germany. If tax policy were a football game, it would be two to zero for Olaf Scholz. After only the G7 countries had agreed, the 130 largest industrial nations of the OECD are […]