Dollar Mercado Libre, Amazon, digital, USDT: what is each one

The escalation of financial dollars and the blue sharpened Creole ingenuity in search of new methods to maintain the value of savings After it was released “tourist dollar” to cushion the effect of a sharp devaluation and unfold it from the “savings dollar”the Argentines see how to access hard currency beyond the US$200 stocks. Thus, […]

Sánchez’s “tax” will make bank credit more expensive and increase commissions

The fiscal chupinazo of Pedro Sánchez in Congress still kicking 48 hours and 9.5 billion market capitalization lost after. The collapse was generalized that first day due to the surprise of the announcement of the “exceptional and temporary” taxation -said Sánchez- to banks and energy companies, although it was more pronounced in banking than in […]

life expectancy has fallen since 2019 in Europe

According to INSEE, life expectancy at birth declined by almost a year for men and women between 2019 and 2020 in Europe. A trend that continued in 2021, especially in Eastern countries. As the Covid-19 epidemic hit Europe in early 2020 and continues to rage today, life expectancy on the continent is suffering. According to […]

Social plans vs. Universal Salary: threat to the truce?

The idea of ​​moving forward with a Universal Basic Salary to replace the social plansdriven by Kirchnerism, continues floating between deputies and senators of the ruling partyin spite of the government refusal. This casts doubt on the respite who try to consolidate the president Alberto Fernandez and the vice president Cristina Kirchner because it exposes […]

a reference in the business world

Fidal is one of the benchmarks in the business world in France, and for good reason. This year, it celebrates its 100 years of support, defense and advice, for the benefit of companies and economic players. Far from resting on its achievements, Fidal proudly cultivates the pioneering spirit of its founders. Supporting the company at […]

what impact will inflation have on the price of your trip?

FOCUS – This year, taking the car will cost several tens of euros more in fuel than in 2021. Le Figaro has screened many destinations. Top start for the summer holidays: in this first weekend of July, many French people will take the road to get to their vacation spot. But the weeks to come, […]

Meta Pay the new wallet for Metaverse

It is to be able to carry out transactions in the metaverse and it is expected that more and more users will adopt it as a means of payment so that the ecosystem expands Mark Zuckerberg presented Meta Pay as “a digital wallet for the metaverse” through his personal Facebook account, where he confirmed that […]

Faced with the health crisis, an unprecedented union of liberal and hospital doctors

Physicians undertake in particular to inform and educate the public on the proper use of emergency services. François BOUCHON/Le Figaro Without waiting for the conclusions of the Braun mission on emergencies, they propose acting together on six financial and organizational levers. It is an unprecedented common public-private front, while the emergency flash mission led by […]

How does the rate hike affect me?

Low interest rates have been the trend in recent years. However, the European Central Bank (ECB) is going to vary its monetary policy to try to contain inflation, and that will change the direction of the price of money. The first increase in eleven years by the central bank will not take place until next […]

Superbonus, investments of 1.4 billion. Now it is funds alarm: companies at risk

The uncertainty on the superbonus funds, the tax relief provided for by the 2020 Relaunch decree and which consists of a 110% deduction of the expenses incurred (from 1 July 2020 onwards) for energy efficiency and static consolidation of buildings, threatens to bring thousands of businesses to their knees. S According to the calculations of […]