up to 12,000 pesos can be ordered

The line implemented by ANSES allows obtaining from $ 1,000 and returning that amount in 24 or 36 installments, with a rate of 36 percent The CONSIDERED implemented a line of personal credits a fixed rate. They can access are the beneficiaries of the Universal Child Allowance (AUH), who will have a credit of up […]

Government hurries the 2020 Super Moratorium: details of the official plan

President Alberto Fernández promised a “moratorium for all.” Details were discussed at a Cabinet meeting this Wednesday. The national government defines a plan of “comprehensive moratorium“that allows both small and large Business start producing and safeguarding post-pandemic employment and analyze the implementation of flexible tools to serve critical and heterogeneous sectors affected by the pandemic […]

Le Matin – Payment deadlines for IS and professional IR extended

The Directorate General of Taxes has implemented the measure adopted by the Economic Watch Committee (CVE) on March 19 allowing companies whose turnover is less than DH 20 million and wishing to benefit from the deferral of tax declarations and payment of tax, from March 31 to the end of June. The Fisc specifies for […]

what will the government do if there is no agreement

The committee that owns 32% of the debt led by BlackRock criticized the government again. They ask that Guzmán be displaced and the unrest grows The saga of the restructuring of the debt keep scoring new chapters. At this point, the various official sources do not even agree on the operations that they reveal. Is […]

Tax audit brought in 12 billion euros in 2019

This is a record level since 2015, and 2 billion euros more than expected. It is 3 billion euros more than expected. Philippe LEJEANVRE / LP2Studio – stock.adobe.com This is a record level since 2015. The fight against tax fraud brought in a total of nearly 12 billion in 2019, according to information from Echoes […]

they anticipate the peak of contagions just for August

“It is important to emphasize that these projections will be met only if current conditions persist,” said the leader of the health agency. At the beginning of July and with it phase 1 of the social, preventive and compulsory isolation in the region most affected by the coronavirus, that is, the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos […]

$ 32 billion giant arrives

The Canadian group Constellation Software is expanding its regional presence with the acquisition of companies dedicated to digital banking The Canadian group Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), which has a market value higher than $ 32 billion, recently bought from the Uruguayan firm Infocorp, specialized in implementing onminachannel platforms for digital banking and provide services to […]

for the government, the objective is to see “the least dry dismissals possible”

«Just look at the sky today to understand that we are rather in the situation of the 70s“Said Airbus world director of human resources, Thierry Baril, on Wednesday. Severely weakened by the Covid-19 pandemic, the European aeronautical group yesterday formalized its intention to cut some 15,000 jobs, including 5,000 in France, to cushion the shock. […]

Do companies have to cut prices now?

Value added tax drops to 16 percent on July 1 – the reduced rate is then only five percent. But do companies have to pass this on to customers? Or can I shorten an invoice myself? Starting in July, consumers in Germany pay a lower VAT for six months. Their general rate drops from 19 […]

Payments for children, pensions, housing and communal services, loans: what will change from July 1

https://ria.ru/20200701/1573644892.html Payments for children, pensions, housing and communal services, loans: what will change from July 1 Starting this month, legislative changes will come into force in the country that will affect the lives of most Russians. About new payments for children, indexation of pensions, … RIA Novosti, 07/01/2020 2020-07-01T08: 00 2020-07-01T08: 02 social payments loans […]