Teacher failed a student for using inclusive language

The teacher commented that she gave the student a new opportunity, and asked her to give a presentation on “sign language” so that she could learn what “inclusion” really is. A teacher, through her social networks, assured that gave a grade 1 to a studentafter I gave him an essay (work) in inclusive language. Sarah […]

Horrible Video Mesum Allegedly Elementary School Teacher in Ciamis

nice – The world of education in Ciamis Regency was stirred by the circulation of videos of unscrupulous teachers in the Sukadana area, Ciamis Regency, West Java. The video is being investigated. According to information, the video was circulated in a teacher community messaging group in the Sukadana area. The circulation of the video has […]

REISO – Policies – Sex education: what if teens got involved?

Par Laura Voyame, sexual health specialist, LE SHIP coordinator and specialist teacher, State of Vaud What if sex education was practiced in a participatory and community health perspective? This is, among other things, an objective of the LE SHIP program [1] — Integrated holistic sexual education by peers — which aims to open up, in […]

Literary gym in Cagliari to practice writing – Sardinia

Coach will be the author Feltrinelli Andrea Melis, on 6 June open day A gym. But not for weight lifting or cycling. But to train to write, perhaps to unlock and finish once and for all that novel or that collection of poems that have remained in the drawer for […]

A math teacher from Zalaegerszeg sold his sci-fi graphics as a NDP for his cryptocurrency equivalent to HUF 13 billion, yet he teaches there in the middle school.

You’ve probably heard of NDPs before, and you almost certainly don’t understand exactly what it’s all about. But you will understand this: in his spare time, a Hungarian math teacher received more than ten billion forints in cryptocurrency money for his graphics put together as a hobby a few weeks ago. That is, in principle, […]

Will Receive Degree Today, Megawati Has 2 Professorships and 9 Doctoral Degrees

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Fifth President of the Republic of Indonesia, Megawati Soekarnoputri will receive an honorary professor title from the Seoul Institute of the Arts (SIA), South Korea, today, Wednesday, May 11, 2022. The awarding ceremony will be broadcast on the PDI Perjuangan YouTube channel at 09.00. This honorary professorship from SIA will be […]