Perotti on teacher unemployment: We have all lost something in this pandemic

After visiting and visiting the Children’s Hospital North Zone, the Governor Omar Perotti said he hopes that the tightening of the quarantine in the Amba area (Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area) will lead to greater control of the coronavirus And that decision that is hard for them “also helps us.” He also stressed that if now […]

Unisimón graduates specialists in Critical Medicine and Intensive Care

The Barranquilla and Atlántico health network will count from this June 24 with 69 new professionals and specialists who will be at the service of citizens. The Universidad Simón Bolívar will hand them their undergraduate degrees, which will allow them to contribute their knowledge in this emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a way […]

The UNNE Institute of Medicine has already analyzed 1,500 samples to detect coronaviruses

After decreeing compulsory isolation, and given the progress of cases in the country and in the region, the National University of the Northeast (UNNE) signed an agreement with the Government, by which made available the Institute of Regional Medicine for the analysis of samples for the diagnosis of coronavirus. Thus, at the Institute of Regional […]

Flat-rate ban on classroom instruction unjustified

Classroom Many parents are worried about their livelihood because they have to give up childcare because of childcare, says the President of the Association of Pediatricians. (Photo: dpa) Cologne In the corona crisis, the professional association of pediatricians considers that a blanket ban on classroom attendance in schools is not medically justified. It was also […]

Elderly couple receive medicines at home by the IMSS

To reduce risks before COVID-19, the Institute takes this type of measures to protect the vulnerable and at-risk population. – + Drafting / La Voz de Michoacán With the aim of reducing the risks of contagion by COVID-19 among the eligible population with chronic degenerative diseases when leaving home, the Mexican Institute of Social Security […]

Private teachers denounce unpaid wages and ask to regulate quarantined classes

Coronavirus – Virtual Classes – Quarantine Private teachers ask for virtual classes to be regulated in quarantine Third SADOP expressed its “deep concern over the lack of payment of the wages of thousands of male and female companions” and noted that employers in the sector are solely responsible for the timely payment of wages, regardless […]

teachers “surprised by the mayor’s turnaround” … who answers

” I talked to several colleagues about it, to my manager. Really, this is a flip-flop that we feel, a total reversal compared to what we had been told “Explains Patrick, a teacher at Valenciennes who, like his colleagues, was responsible for calling all the parents last week. At that time, the instructions were clear. […]