Steps to migrate your email from Outlook to Gmail

The Gmail app is the most popular email service in the world, but Microsoft Outlook has its fair share of users too, and if you use both apps, you can link your accounts and migrate all your Outlook emails to Gmail. Stay tuned: 6 Troubleshooting Methods If Your iPhone Is Not Sending Texts to Android […]

5 Troubleshooting Methods If AutoPlay is Not Working on Windows 11 PC

AutoPlay has been a part of Windows for decades and has been causing unexpected problems for users all along, when it works, AutoPlay detects the type of removable device you have inserted CD, DVD, camera memory card, etc. It takes the correct action automatically, but if AutoPlay is doing the wrong thing or doing nothing […]

6 Troubleshooting Methods If Your iPhone Is Not Sending Texts to Android Users

In theory, you should be able to send a text message from any mobile to any other mobile, but sometimes you may encounter some glitches, especially when moving from iOS to Android. Sometimes, your iPhone may not be able to send texts to Android phones. If you encounter this problem, there are several ways to […]

Microsoft Adds Video Stories to Teams

Microsoft Corporation of America revealed the addition of a new video stories feature to the Teams application, in a step to add more liveliness and movement to the popular chat application. Follow more: A surprise threatens to cancel the Xbox… Apple is preparing the most powerful gaming device And according to what was published by […]

How to solve the problem of not receiving messages through Outlook app

Using email for everyday communication, whether at work or for personal use with friends, is essential nowadays, let alone if you encounter a problem with Outlook working normally, such as not receiving an important email, and if you are expecting or waiting for a mail If an email is important and failed to arrive, it […]

Find out the condition of the iPhone by the model number

Some people recently need to buy a used iPhone because of the high prices of all the new products offered by the American company, due to the economic conditions imposed by the inflation situation that attacks America and the countries of the world at large, which makes buying a used iPhone at a relatively cheap […]

Steps to make smartphone use easier for elderly users

Smartphone companies know that older users are the least comfortable with their smartphones, so companies often take this particular segment into account when making phones and introducing more of their apps, and some of them put a lot of easy customizations for them. A business insider reported 3 easy steps and ways to make your […]

The difference between my iPhone SE 2022 and Pixel 6a

The American company Apple recently revealed, in its latest event, its new iPhone SE 2022, which is one of the latest and most prominent Apple models launched in the category of low-priced phones, despite that, the phone contains many improvements and upgrades from the version that was previously presented. . By analogy with the new […]

NASA is making final preparations for the test flight of its Starliner spacecraft

The US space agency NASA has revealed its cooperation with Boeing Company to make final preparations for the second unmanned test flight of the famous Starliner CST-100 spacecraft. NASA confirmed through its team during its last meeting, according to a report published by Digitartlends, that the Starliner mission will be ready to launch on May […]

Learn about the beta version of the new email app

Microsoft has been testing the new web-based One Outlook application, for more than a year, and throughout this period the application that will replace the mail and calendar applications on the Windows operating system has not appeared, as it was in the development field, but since this morning it has not appeared. It began to […]