A change in Jupiter’s orbit may be the key to making Earth more ‘livable’

A new study has found that a shift in Jupiter’s orbit could make Earth’s surface more suitable for life than it already is, RT reported. When a planet has a perfectly circular orbit around its star, the distance between the planet and the star never changes. However, most planets have “eccentric” orbits around their stars, […]

Stunning new photo showing the face of the sun like we’ve never seen it before

A new image from the world’s most powerful solar telescope has captured the face of our sun in great detail. Close to the giant star, with a resolution of only 18 kilometers, the middle layer of the sun’s atmosphere, known as the chromosphere, looks almost like a jagged carpet, RT reported. The fiery plasma can […]

Stunning image of the remains of an exploding star processed by a new Australian computer

The researchers processed the radio telescope observations, including a highly detailed image of the remnant of a supernova (exploding star) within 24 hours of reaching the first stage of Australia’s latest supercomputing system. The very high data rates and huge data volumes of new generation radio telescopes need Like ASKAP, to high-powered programs running on […]

Learn the requirements to play Spider-Man Remastered

Marvel is gearing up to release Spider-Man Remastered to PC on August 12, and the remastered version is said to come with some PC-specific features. Details about the game. Whereas one of the biggest additions to Spider-Man Remastered is the support for high-quality ray reflections for those with supported devices, the reflections are available in […]

A compelling new hypothesis could finally explain how the Earth formed

There is a currently accepted model as the most likely explanation for how the Earth formed: the gradual accumulation of asteroids, yet there are some facts about the formation of our planet that are difficult to explain. A new paper, combining experimentation and modeling, reveals a new formation trajectory that fits Earth’s properties more precisely, […]

The discovery of “stellar earthquakes” similar to a tsunami on Earth

Scientists have discovered that stars are subject to earthquakes like those we experience on Earth, which are so strong that “tsunami-like” movements cause them to change shape, and scientists at the University of Cambridge were able to detect these “stellar earthquakes”, known as non-radial oscillations, in thousands of stars by the European Space Agency’s Gaia […]

Glasses or without glasses.. Apple’s WWDC conference may rely on augmented reality

Apple’s software is generally pretty good, although the company has expanded its focus between more platforms than ever before — macOS, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS, whatever software Apple makes for its perhaps one-day car, and AR/VR. And it’s been a while since Apple Maps screwed up; But Apple’s biggest mistake is placing the Safari URL […]

NASA’s probe records a “brutal” earthquake on Mars unlike any other planets

A magnitude 5 earthquake shook the surface of Mars, the most powerful earthquake ever detected not only on Mars but on any planet other than Earth. 4.2 degrees occurred in August 2021. According to the “RT” website, Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA Associate Director of Science, said on Twitter: “The Insight team and its partners have just […]

A final solution to password problems .. this time from the tech giants!

In a joint effort, technology giants Apple, Google and Microsoft announced last weekend their commitment to building support for passwordless login across all mobile, desktop and browser platforms they control in the coming year, Al Arabiya Net reported. This announcement coincided with World Password Day on May 5th. This means that authenticating or accessing accounts […]

3 newly discovered planets may be swallowed by their stars.. know the details

Astronomers at the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy (IfA) have discovered three Jupiter-like exoplanets that are perilously close to being “swallowed” by their host stars. Solar systems like ours. According to the “RT” website, among the thousands of extrasolar planets found so far, these are the three giant gas planets TOI-2337b, TOI-4329b and TOI-2669b, […]