Exercise and healthy habits affect work productivity

Working today has become a challenge, the extensive work jordans, the reduced spaces and the change to a digital version of work have become some of the aspects that companies have begun to evaluate. In addition to economic and productive growth, some have realized that the habits that workers maintain represent a high or low […]

Why has mental health become so important?

10 Oct 2021 – 2:00 p. m. This year, the theme of the World Day is “Mental Health Care for All: Let’s Make It Happen”, an opportunity to continue generating conversations and tools that help eradicate myths and stigmas regarding mental health. Every October 10, the World Mental Health Day, And although since 1995 the World […]

Employees face exhaustion and metal health effects

And, according to the report, 63% of employees works more than 40 hours a week, and more than half of them say they could do the same job in less than 40 hours. The firm highlights that the dynamics during the pandemic have changed and that employees feel it, so 72% of respondents believe that […]

Vigo judges issue sentences through the hands-free mobile phone

If a videoconference fails in a compliance hearing, magistrates and lawyers telephone the defendant and activate the microphone to hear him accept the sentence 03 jul 2021 . Updated at 05:00 h. Last Monday, the Criminal Court number 3 of Vigo held two videoconferences with a reckless driver who pleaded guilty and accepted convictions accordingly. […]

Portuguese save 161 euros per month in telework – Labor Market

The Portuguese manage to save, on average, around 161 euros a month if they work from home, concluded a study by Fixando on “The Future of Work in Portugal”, carried out among 6,500 users of its platform for contracting local services, between the 1st and 7th of June. With 70% of respondents guaranteeing that they […]

The replacement of Juanita Gómez in Noticias Caracol fell in love

If you have missed the newsletter, we tell you that the replacement of Juanita Gómez in Snail News viewers fell in love with her and they want to see her more often. It’s about Alejandra Murgas, a presenter who is quite well known among the followers of the news. She is in charge of presenting […]

112 locations will benefit from the “Last Mile” project

By: Aníbal Torres Durán In order to provide better connectivity in all corners of the country, optical infrastructure implementation projects are being developed at the national level. Along these lines, the Regional Governments have the mission of preparing the “Last Mile” project to carry out a diagnosis in the localities, hand in hand with the […]