UK Broadcasters Unite to Launch Freely: a New Free Digital Television Service

Streaming multimedia content services such as Netflix, HBO Max or Prime Video, among others, have allowed piracy to be considerably reduced (although it still exists). Given the good results of these platforms, traditional content broadcasting companies in the United Kingdom have wanted to copy their formula to mitigate the IPTV problem. The major broadcasters in […]

Samsung expands its OLED TVs with more premium models compatible with Apple TV

A few weeks ago Samsung announced its television showcase for this year 2023. In said portfolio there were all kinds of models, including Micro LED devices, OLED and improvements in the Neo QLED series, available in Spain this year. Now, Samsung has wanted to expand its line of 4K OLED TVs with new TVs that, […]

ANME-SNPM. Good news for the driving forces of private radio and television

Following the example of the decisions taken in favor of journalists and employees of the written and online press, the ANME and the SNPM announced in a joint press release an increase of 2000 DH, staggered over two years, in favor of journalists of radio and private televisions. Their employed colleagues will receive an increase […]

The first Spanish-speaking conservative television is born in the US led by ex-advisor…

The United States medium ‘Voice Media’. Voz Media, a conservative media group led by former advisers to Donald Trumphas acquired the Mega TV channel for 64 million dollars to create the first near-right Spanish-speaking Republican television. This operation represents a leap in the level of these new media related to the former president of the […]

Man bought a 75-inch TV to watch the World Cup in Qatar, he could not release it

When people hear in a store the word promotion, bargain, discount or offer certainly attracts a lot of attention, since the fact of knowing that the price of an item that you want is lower automatically leads you to buy. This weekend several families took advantage of the “Buen Fin” offers at a commercial location […]

TVs are expensive, so what to choose?

A television is an attribute that no home can do without, especially on cozy and cool autumn evenings. A study initiated by Samsung Electronics Baltics showed that it is Lithuanians who spend the largest amount of money on a new TV out of all the Baltic countries. How to choose properly when the offer is […]


KARCHER K 2 UE HYDROLAVING MACHINE -UNIVERSAL EDITION 1400W OFFER NEW UNUSED PRODUCT, BOX WITH DETAIL The standard equipment includes a gun, a 3 m high-pressure hose, a simple spray lance, as well as a water filter to protect the pump from the penetration of dirt particles. Pressure (Bar) 110 Caudal (lts/h)    […]