Oscar winner Jane Fonda is battling cancer

Actress Jane Fonda shared on Instagram that she was diagnosed with a very serious illness. She has already started appropriate therapy. She is confident. – Hollywood star Jane Fonda (84) is suffering from cancer. The actress announced on Friday (local time) on Instagram. Climate activist and actress

Video: CSD demo/parade Leipzig | Saxony-Anhalt right in the middle

Thousands took part in the big demo or parade on July 16, 2022 on the occasion of the CSD Leipzig. Once again it was shown how colorful the world is, but it was also pointed out that acceptance, tolerance and respect have not yet arrived everywhere in society and in politics. The creators of the […]

Musk drops deal, Twitter threatens to sue

Tech billionaire pulls back on Twitter purchase His lawyers point to allegedly incomplete information on the number of fake accounts, but the online service is sticking to the deal. – The turbulent Twitter takeover by Elon Musk has reached chaos level: the tech billionaire is backing out of the purchase, but the company wants to […]

Change from Ronaldo to FC Bayern would be “sexy”

Munich (dpa) – Record national player Lothar Matthäus considers a change from soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo to FC Bayern to be “sexy”. That’s what the former Munich Bundesliga professional wrote in his column for the TV channel Sky. “You should at least think through the options and play them through,” added Matthäus. The 61-year-old would […]

Great Britain – 1st day: rain and a lot of work

Formula 1 is making its return this weekend to its most historic circuit, Silverstone, to compete in the British Grand Prix. For the first day, the rain set in in the morning, depriving the drivers of precious running time. The afternoon offered better conditions, forcing the teams to do a lot of work in just […]

Abortion now banned in several US states

It’s a decision with huge repercussions for women in the US: The Supreme Court overturns the country’s liberal abortion laws. Many states have prepared for this moment. – After the controversial decision of the Supreme Court, a number of US states have already enacted far-reaching bans on abortion. Trigger Laws come into effect Half of […]

Tips, Dates for Halle | halle365 I tips, dates for Halle

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