March 1, state welfare card, poor card, how much money do you have in?

March 18, 2022 (can be withdrawn into cash and can accumulate in the next month) – Electricity bill refund not more than 315 baht per household per month For holders of state welfare cards that uses electricity not more than 315 baht per month – Water bill refund 100 baht per household per month for […]

How to pay annual car tax through the online system in 3 steps

the third step Pay the annual car tax online at the website. and the DLT Vehicle Tax application.Annual car tax payment You can contact them in person at any transport office. But with the current situation with the outbreak ofCovid-19 Department of Land TransportTherefore, it is recommended to pay the annual car tax through […]

“Eve Putthida” celebrates the 77th birthday of “Atoi Settha” in a warm atmosphere.

and most recently”Eve PutthidaOrganize an eventcelebrate birthday give “Atoi Settha” after returning from givingchemo! By this event, “Eve Putthida” revealed the latest picture of his father who was in a state of exhaustion. and stated that “Mothers and fathers went to take Grandfather home in the afternoon, went to bed and woke up refreshed.blow cakeThank […]

Sitangsu Buathong reported back to the mother of the adopted son

“From his touch, Little Tee, he was a good boy. not handicapped Just a person with slow development. He just wanted to live a normal life. The News also has the ability to show. Able to work in the entertainment industry, want to have a boyfriend, want to have a family like everyone else. which […]

Government Savings Bank provides loans for the People’s Bank project, borrowing up to 200,000, paying installments for 8 years.

Application details feature 1. having one of the following qualifications:– Being a small entrepreneur, such as a trader, a service provider and a consumer goods manufacturer for sale– A person with regular income, such as a government official, military, police, employees of government agencies, state enterprises or private companies with regular salary 2. Being a […]