Drawing together for children from 3 to 6 years | Naturefriends of Germany

Together we paint with children from 3 to 6 years, together with parents or grandparents who share the children’s joy of painting and inventing stories. I, Hanne Schütz, am a pensioner, studied graphic design and social work, and worked in open child labor for many years. There I painted with children, invented stories, acted in […]

Criminals break into furniture warehouses for Ukraine refugees

Oct 17, 2022 @ 6:58pm vandalism : Krefeld: After burglaries, the aid project for Ukraine refugees is about to end Pamela Theveßen (left) and Birte Götte visited the camp on Monday, where furniture for needy refugees is kept. Photos: Andreas Bishop Photo: Andreas Bishop Krefeld Two women have been providing furniture to many families on […]

Dáda Patrasová packs her bags and flies to Italy to meet her lover Vito

It looks like the marriage of Dagmar Patras and Felix Slováček is really busy again. While the musician sweeps up almost every social event where he is surrounded by beautiful women in recent weeks, Dada is going to visit his Italian friend Vito instead, as the editors of Prima Zenya found out. Is another partnership […]

Michal Suchánek’s alleged infidelity: Renata’s wife did not believe…

Michal Suchánek, daughter of Berenika Source: profimedia Actor Michal Suchánek has been at home on the screen since childhood. He is not only one of our most popular comedy actors, but thanks to his charisma, despite his small stature, he can have more than one long-legged beauty. Some time ago he also dazzled the sister […]

Words full of pain: Monika Bagárová commented on the alleged…

Monika Bagárová with her daughter Source: Profimedia Singer Monika Bagárová and MMA wrestler Makhmud Muradov have finally broken up. After Monika posted a statement on her Instagram about the breakup during a visit to the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, speculation began to abound as to why the couple broke up. Definitive end Monika came with […]